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​Basic Theory

■ Four elements of health and beauty

Humans are said to have evolved from protists 3.5 billion years ago.

What we need as survivors of 3.5 billion years of biological history. It's very simple.

Let's say we take one of our human cells and culture it. Only the following four resources are required.



・Good water (no toxins, bacteria or viruses)
・Culture medium (nutrition)
・Energy (light, temperature)

These are all things that are abundantly available around us.

If we had to use rare resources, we would not have survived for 3.5 billion years and would have gone extinct.

Our bodies are just 37 trillion of these one cells living together.

In other words, the resources required for one cell are equal to the resources required for 37 trillion cells.

The human body only needs these four elements.

We don't need anything else to be healthy and beautiful.

You don't need anything scientific, of course.



■ Causes of illness and aging

The causes of disease and skin aging are also derived naturally.
If even one of these four elements is missing, our cells cannot maintain their health.

The weakening of cells in an organizational unit is called a "disease."

Beauty is actually the health of skin cells.

If skin cells are full of energy, it is equal to "beautiful".

Beauty and health are equal.

If even one of the four elements is lacking, the cells of the body and the cells of the skin will become unhealthy.

In other words, it is very easy to regain health and beauty.

All you have to do is get all four elements in order.

The way the universe works is very simple.

■ Human Energy System

Then, how are these four elements actually used in cells and in the body?

The most important is energy production.

Everything in this universe, both living and non-living, is driven by energy.

The human body moves with a mechanism that makes electrical appliances even more precise.

The human body cannot move without energy, just as electrical appliances do not move at all without the energy of electricity.

After four to five minutes without breathing, our bodies stop moving forever.

It also stops working because it cannot use oxygen to produce energy.


Physical death means running out of energy.

Most of this energy is produced inside the cell by mitochondria.

Mitochondria are said to be another organism that started symbiosis over 1 billion years ago, and there are 300 to 3000 of them in one cell.


One-tenth of our body weight is mitochondrial weight.

The human body devotes a great deal of its resources to mitochondrial energy production so that we don't run out of energy that is most important to us.

The system that delivers oxygen to the mitochondria is one of them.

The airways and lungs, which are called respiratory organs, exist for that purpose, and of the 37 trillion cells in the human body, 27 trillion are red blood cells that carry oxygen.
I think you can see that a lot of resources are being devoted to it.

The mitochondria produce energy called ATP,

The four elements of this oxygen, good water, nutrients such as minerals, and energy (electrons, etc.) are essential.

This energy is the most important point when it comes to preventing illness, treating illness, and beautifying the skin.

■ Beauty and circulation

Many necessary resources are delivered to cells throughout the body through the body's circulatory system.

Oxygen and nutrition are blood vessels, energy is meridians, information is nerves, and fat is lymph.

What if the cells throughout the body lacked the resources they needed?


In that case, resources are focused on where they are needed to survive.
i.e. brain and organs.


Skin, hair, nails, etc. are the lowest priority, and these tissues are the first to decline when nutrition is insufficient.

Even if you get lost in the snowy mountains, your survival will take precedence, blood will not circulate to the extremities, and your fingertips will get frostbite.

The human body is such a system.

In addition, even if resources are sufficient, there are cases where circulation is poor due to stiffness, etc., and resources do not reach the skin and hair.

In any case, it is becoming relatively difficult in modern times to deliver sufficient resources to the skin and produce sufficient energy.

Therefore, it is necessary to give favor to skin cells.

Instead of relying on the body's circulatory system, it would be nice to deliver resources directly from the skin.


Cells can absorb 360 degrees sterically from all directions.

One thing you have to be careful about at that time is that the process of breaking down nutrients in the digestive system is not interposed,

If you don't deliver the fine resources that were originally decomposed, the cells can't absorb it.

The point of making the skin beautiful is to deliver the four resources directly from the skin in a form that can be absorbed.

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