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Key Factors

■ Ionized minerals

Minerals are the most important nutrients.

Among the five major nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins other than minerals are

It consists only of C (carbon), H (hydrogen), O (oxygen), and N (nitrogen).


Therefore, most of the ingredients can be decomposed and synthesized in a high-tech factory called the body.

Minerals, which are elements other than these, cannot be created in the body once they are excreted from the body.

In the human body, more than 30 kinds of minerals are used in very important chemical reactions.

Required for mitochondria to produce ATP energy and for most enzymatic reactions.

In order to ingest this mineral from food, it must be in the form of an ionized mineral that dissolves in water.

In order for cells to absorb minerals, they must pass through small holes called ion channels in cells with a diameter of 0.5 nm to 0.70 nm.

Minerals in general supplements are roughly 1000nm to 10000nm, and even if you take them,

Most of it is not absorbed from the intestine and is excreted from the body as feces.

The minerals that plants absorb through their roots are in the state of ionized minerals with a diameter of about 0.3 nm, so we humans can also absorb them.


However, the problem is that mineral content is decreasing from the earth. Due to the loss of mineral circulation when growing crops,

Minerals have been depleted from the earth, and as a result, minerals in agricultural crops have also decreased sharply over the past 50 years.


Depending on the vegetables, it may be 1/5 or so.

Therefore, many modern people are suffering from a serious disease called "mineral deficiency".

Dr. Wallach, a leading animal researcher, has found that most animal diseases are caused by mineral deficiencies.
For example, we find the following causal relationships:

・Diabetic guinea pigs, crocodiles, horses … Deficiency of chromium and vanadium
・Ostriches and sheep suffering from muscular dystrophy: Selenium deficiency
・Cardiomyopathic sheep, llamas, peacocks, and monkeys: selenium deficiency
・Ruptured arteries peacocks, ostriches, gorillas...copper deficiency
・Osteoporotic lions, wolves, crocodiles, and iguanas: lack of calcium and magnesium
・Arteriosclerotic peacocks, parrots, kangaroos…magnesium deficiency
・Malformations such as three mouths … Zinc deficiency

These diseases can now be prevented by supplementing with minerals.

Dr. Linus Pauling, who has won the Nobel Prize twice, who is only five people in the world, also, as a result of a huge amount of research,

He said, ”If you pursue all diseases, you will end up with mineral deficiency.''

Minerals are the most important nutrients, but they are the most lacking.

becomes the most important factor.

The "ionized minerals" used in the rescue precious series are

The granite is made liquid as it is by a patented manufacturing method.
So it has a very high concentration of minerals. (Number one in Japan according to our research)

It is a highly safe raw material that does not contain harmful heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, and mercury.

In addition, a special machine is used to increase the amount of energy by increasing the spin rate of each mineral atom.

A one-of-a-kind ingredient that allows you to do bigger jobs.

■ ATP Promote Water

Oxygen is essential for mitochondria to produce energy.

"ATP Promote Water" supplements the oxygen supply from the blood through the skin.

The patented manufacturing method electrolyzes water to increase the dissolved oxygen concentration in the liquid.


In addition, by increasing the amount of electrons in water through special processing, the amount of electrons supplied to mitochondria is also increased.

This will increase the amount of ATP energy production in skin cells, making it possible to create healthy and beautiful skin.


The second point that increases the activity of mitochondria and increases the amount of energy is oxygen and electrons.

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